New York Tamil Sangam Cares

New York Tamil Sangam is always there when help is needed. NTYS has been providing funds through its Charitable wing for projects of deserving nature.

Donations from the NTYS Charity Account have been provided to the following missions.

  • Tamil New Year's feeding the poor in Staten Island Church, New York for the past 24 years.

  • Meenakshi Educational Trust, Madurai Tamil Nadu, India.

  • Kumbakonam Children School Fire Disaster in Tamil Nadu, India.

  • Gujarat Earth Quake Relief Fund,India.

  • Udavum Karangal Trust, Chennai India.

  • World Trade Center Disaster Relief, Newyork.

  • Tsuanmi Relief – Shelter building built to orphans and elders in Thiruvarur through Ramakrishna Math, run by Dr.Gopalakrishnan at Ammaiyappan Village This is our biggest donation to date -$ 20,000

  • Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund, New Orleans.

  • CNN’s Top Ten Heros, Madurai Narayanan Krishnan’s Akshaya Trust.

  • Sirugugal Montessori School Charities who board and educate destitute street children.

  • School bags given to underprivileged children of New York schools.

  • Charitable work through Jopa Ministry in New York.

  • New York Tamil Sangam will continue to do charitable work for many more years to come . With your kindness and generosity , NYTS can continue to provide and extend their helping hand to those who are in desperate in need.

    Please help us to do more and more to those needing help.

    அற்றார் அழிபசி தீர்த்தல் அஃதொருவன்
    பெற்றான் பொருள்வைப் புழி

    Meaning :

    Persons should feed the poor and save them from hunger
    And this is how they save their resources for their future.

    With heartfelt thanks,
    New York Tamil Sangam
    Board and Committee Members